A Good Harvest

In the 1980s, two European farmers brought to the U.S. a new idea about farming. “Community-supported agriculture” (or CSA) helped create a new relationship between consumers and farmers. The CSA model allows people in the community to purchase shares of a farm, sometimes in the form of a membership or subscription. In return, consumers will periodically receive a portion of the farm’s harvest throughout the summer and fall.

Although the popularity of CSA programs has grown in recent years, they have become even more important during these uncertain times. With restrictions over the last year, consumers have been looking for a way to get quality food from local sources, while farmers needed more ways to reach those consumers.

Our friends at the Farmington Farmers Market host several local farms that use a CSA model and are highlighting them on the market’s website in an effort to help connect consumers and farmers. And don’t forget to visit these farmers at the market when it opens again in May!

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