A New Year

Happy New Year headband with celebration confetti

Wright Beamer wishes you a joyous and prosperous New Year! We look forward to continuing to serve your legal needs in 2023. As you plan your celebrations and events, here are a few traditions from around the world that you might find interesting:

Colombia: Colombians celebrate wishes rather than resolutions on New Year’s Eve. With each chime of the clock, a grape is eaten and a wish made. That’s 12 grapes and 12 wishes for the New Year!

Italy: In Italy, resolutions are referred to as “good intentions’ or “buoni propositi.” And the food on the table has significance - fatty pork leads to fattening wallets and black-eyed peas bring good fortune.

Russia: New Year’s Day is the biggest holiday of the year in Russia. Their decorated trees are “New Year’s Trees” rather than Christmas trees. Russians write down their wishes on a piece of paper, burn the paper, and then put the ashes of the burned paper in a glass of champagne, which they drink at midnight.

Brazil: It is summer in Brazil, and Brazilians head to the beach on New Year’s Eve. Wearing all white, they jump into seven waves and make seven wishes at midnight.

India: In India, sculptures of an old man are made, representing the old year, and then burned at midnight.

Denmark: In Denmark, throwing old dishes at the doorstep of your friends brings them good luck. The more you accumulate, the better your year will be.

Whether you ring in the New Year with grapes, black-eyed peas or something in between, Wright Beamer extends our most sincere wishes for a safe and happy New Year!

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