As the Smoke Clears

As the Smoke Clears

If you did not hear the news last week, you will be interested to know that the Michigan Court of Appeals issued a very important decision regarding the use of medical marijuana in the workplace. In Eplee v. City of Lansing, the Court determined that Michigan’s voter-initiated medical marijuana law does NOT provide a sword to be used to challenge employers’ drug-free workplace policies. This is very good news for employers and their ability to determine whether they can accommodate medical marijuana users in the workplace. As a general rule, employers may maintain and enforce drug-free workplace policies and may refuse to hire, or may terminate, employees who fail a drug screen.

Caution: while this is an important and helpful decision, it does not fully resolve the question. Specifically, it does not decide whether – under state or federal disability laws – the use of medical marijuana may be a “reasonable accommodation” that an employer should extend. Employers should still exercise caution when faced with properly submitted requests for workplace accommodations.

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