Attention College Students!

You may remember our earlier posts about the importance of powers of attorney and patient advocate documents for your children once they turn 18. At age 18, parents can no longer access their child’s medical, school, or financial records and information without express permission from the child. As such, it’s important to have your child sign a power of attorney and patient advocate document so that if something happens to them, you will be able to manage their affairs and make medical decisions on their behalf if needed.

Seeing firsthand the hassle, grief and delay that can happen when something unexpected arises, it is my personal desire to see as many college students equipped with these two documents as possible. So, in the spirit of summer break, I am making a one-time limited offer to prepare these two documents for your college students at a substantially discounted rate! If you or your child contacts me before July 31, I will prepare a power of attorney and patient advocate for your child for $150.* Please share this offer with your friends and your children’s friends!

*You know how much attorneys like fine print, so here’s my fine print: This deal is for single individuals age 18 to 25 only and expires on July 31, 2017. Depending on the unique circumstances of the individual, a more robust estate plan may be advisable to properly protect the individual. If additional documents are advisable for the situation, the client will be counseled accordingly and any additional documents prepared will result in additional fees.

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