Big Deals Continue to Roll in 2016

Big Deals Continue to Rol…

Crains Detroit Business recently reported that in 2015, Michigan companies were involved in at least 138 reported mergers or acquisitions worth $10,000,000 or more. Cumulatively, the deals exceeded $101.5 billion dollars. According to Crains, that makes 2015 a record year for M&A activity in Michigan.

If Wright Beamer’s experience is any indicator, the deals are continuing to roll in 2016. We have closed several multi-million dollar deals so far this year. Last week, Wright Beamer served as Seller’s counsel in the successful sale of a southeast Michigan non-automotive manufacturer to an out of state private equity fund for $15,500,000. (And to make the deal even sweeter for the Seller, it was a stock sale!)

With turbulence in the markets and the global economy, beating the 2015 numbers will be a tall order, but at least for now, it seems there is still an appetite for moving cash into well-run, profitable businesses here in Michigan.

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