Your Cell Phone Might Be The “One That Got Away”

For those of us who are under the impression that this has been a particularly gloomy January (even by Michigan standards), it turns out we’re right. Early reports indicate that we’ve experienced as few as three or four days of measurable sunshine the entire month, with all other days being in the cloudy to partly cloudy category. Thinking ahead to sunnier (and warmer days), here’s something of interest to the outdoor sportsmen among us.

Pursuant to Michigan law, you can’t hunt, trap or fish without first purchasing a license issued by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Once issued, the actual paper copy of the license must be carried and produced upon the request of a conservation officer, or other law enforcement officer empowered by the applicable statute to enforce the law at issue. Pretty much old school, right?

Well, pursuant to recent changes made to the Michigan Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, the DNR has been given until March 1, 2018, to develop and implement a license that can be displayed on an electronic device. The new law further specifies that an individual who displays his or her license on an electronic device is not presumed to have consented to a search of the entire device. And, for the anglers in particular, unless your smartphone or tablet is waterproof, take note that the conservation officer or law enforcement officer is not responsible for the loss of, or damage to, the electronic device that is used to display the license. The new law also directs the DNR to explore the expanded use of electronic technology to provide additional services that will enhance the hunting and fishing experience in the state of Michigan.

Anyone interested in whiling away these gloomy days by reading a summary of these new laws can find it here.

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