Changes to Michigan’s Driver Responsibility Law

This month, the Michigan Legislature eliminated some fees from the Driver Responsibility Law. After October 1, 2012, drivers are no longer responsible for paying the $150 fee per year for two consecutive years for:

  • Operating a motor vehicle with an expired operator or chauffer license;
  • Operating a motor vehicle without a valid license;
  • Having more than one valid driver’s license;
  • Failing to surrender licenses from other states.

Similarly, the $200 fee per year for two years for the following violations is eliminated after October 1, 2012:

  • Failing to have mandatory motor vehicle insurance coverage (a civil infraction);
  • Failing to produce proof of insurance (a civil infraction); and
  • Knowingly providing false evidence of insurance (a misdemeanor).

Drivers should note that these changes do not take effect until October of 2012, and that other driver responsibility fees will remain intact, such as the $1,000 fee per year for two consecutive years for various serious offenses
(e.g., manslaughter, negligent homicide, fleeing or eluding an office, a felony resulting from operation of a motor vehicle), the $500 fee per year for two consecutive years for alcohol- and controlled substance-related violations, reckless driving, and misdemeanor violations of the Insurance Code.

For more details about Michigan Driver Responsibility, click here for Michigan’s official website.

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