College Students Heading Off to School

When a minor turns 18, parents no longer have authority to access their child’s medical, school or financial records, or make decisions (medical or otherwise) on their behalf if the child is unable to on his or her own. This may cause delays and extra grief if something unexpected happens to the child while away at school. As a result, Wright Beamer committed to equip as many college students as we could last year by offering to prepare powers of attorney and patient advocate documents for the low cost of $150. Due to popular demand, we are running this special again for 2018!

So, to the college students out there between the ages of 18 and 25: come on in to our office before heading away to school this fall and we’ll work with you to get these documents in order before you leave!

*Depending upon the unique circumstances of the individual, a more robust estate plan may be advisable to properly protect the individual and his/her assets. If more extensive planning is advisable for the situation, the client will be counseled accordingly.

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