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When the Check isn’t in…

When the Check isn’t in the Mail

I joined Bill Wright’s law firm in 1995, and within a year I was defending a manufacturer who had been sued for additional commissions by its former sales representative. Over the years, I’ve represented clients on both sides of these disputes. C… Read More
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Agreement to Agree is No…

Agreement to Agree is No Agreement

What happens when parties in a business negotiation “punt” a difficult decision down the field to a later day? Rather than finalize terms on an important issue, they simply pledge that they will “agree to agree” at some point in the future. O… Read More
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Are Your Contracts Harmin…

Are Your Contracts Harming Your Business?

In a perfect world, our customers buy our product or service and turn right around and pay us back for that product or service. And, most of the time, that is what happens. But when a customer’s business starts struggling, are you poised to recover… Read More
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“I Agreed to What?” B…

“I Agreed to What?” Battle of the Forms Basics

Like most states, Michigan has adopted Section 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code, which governs business transactions involving the sale of goods. One common problem that arises between commercial suppliers is a conflict between the terms and conditio… Read More
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Arbitration Provisions in…

Arbitration Provisions in Employment Agreements

Including arbitration provisions in employment agreements can help to reduce the risk of expensive and time consuming litigation by requiring a dispute to be resolved by a neutral arbitrator, rather than through the court system. Generally speaking,… Read More
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