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Paying Attention to Detai…

Paying Attention to Details: It's What We Do

I’d like to expand upon Lee Flaherty’s article from last week by sharing examples from three files that are sitting on my desk as I am writing this. Example 1. We recently helped a client finalize a real estate transaction. One of the  documents… Read More
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Refining the Fine Print

Arbitration is a dispute resolution process for resolving conflicts outside of the court system.  Like a judge, the arbitrator (or arbitration panel) renders a binding decision at the conclusion of the case.  Arbitration has sometimes been viewed a… Read More
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Well-Written Waivers and…

Well-Written Waivers and Really Respectable Releases

Waivers and releases are a part of everyday life. Whether you are looking for weekend fun, travel plans, lessons for kids, or other such adventures, you’ll probably be asked to sign a waiver or release form in order to get started. Every business w… Read More
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