Dance It Out

Dance It Out

Schools across the country are facing a whole new set of challenges in a lot of ways. Rethinking fundraising is one area that is requiring creativity.

For the last two weeks, the Norup International School PTSA has hosted a virtual fundraiser to support student activities. This new program is replacing last year’s Healthy Hawks Day, which focused on promoting health and wellness. This year’s event has been structured around the virtual learning format. Each day, students have been provided video links and information to help them work on character development. The fundraising period concludes tomorrow with a virtual Dance Fit Challenge!

We at Wright Beamer understand the importance of encouraging whole-body wellness among the youth in our community, and proudly support opportunities that strengthen and supplement the education of local students. Wright Beamer is honored to sponsor Heather Yanke-Lunneberg’s daughter, Annika, and Norup International School!

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