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Substantial Change to Pro…

Substantial Change to Property Tax Foreclosures

A few years ago, we helped a client who had lost a residential income property to tax foreclosure for failing to pay what began as less than $100 in property taxes (attributable to an inadvertent oversight). The house was ultimately sold by the count… Read More
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Supreme Court Clarifies M…

Supreme Court Clarifies Ministerial Exception

Wright Beamer is privileged to count many churches and religious-based organizations as clients. While their legal needs are typical of other organizational clients, some things – by virtue of the First Amendment to the Constitution – are necessa… Read More
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What Does Force Majeure M…

What Does Force Majeure Mean and Why Should I Care?

Force majeure is a French term meaning “superior force.” It is a principle of contract law that excuses a breach of the contract by one of the parties when that breach is caused by some extreme, unexpected, unforeseeable, or unavoidable circumsta… Read More
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Title Theft… Should I B…

Title Theft… Should I Be Worried?

I’ve been hearing a lot of ads lately for a subscription service that promises to protect you and your property from title theft – for a monthly fee, of course. According to the ads, the FBI believes that title theft is the fastest growing cyber-… Read More
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Real ID…It’s Really C…

Real ID…It’s Really Coming

The Real ID Act (the Act), enacted by Congress in 2005 in response to the 9/11 attacks, codified recommendations of the 9/11 Commission that the federal government set standards for the issuance of sources of identification, such as driver’s licens… Read More
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Ever Heard of IRS Form 88…

Ever Heard of IRS Form 8822?

Did you move to a new home or change your mailing address lately? Do you plan to do so soon? Has your business moved recently or designated a different individual to receive IRS notifications? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you… Read More
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New Overtime Rules Are Co…

New Overtime Rules Are Coming (and Coming and Coming...)

State of Michigan and federal laws governing the payment of employees are some of the most complicated laws we deal with. Federal wage and hour laws typically set the minimums which are often increased under state mandates. New rules promulgated by t… Read More
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The Resurgence of Prenups

The Resurgence of Prenups

Prenuptial agreements (also referred to as antenuptial agreements) are contracts entered into by a couple before marriage that determine in advance the relative rights of the individuals to assets and support in the event of death or divorce. While i… Read More
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Back to School, Back to B…

Back to School, Back to Basics

It seems like it was not that long ago that we were wondering if spring would ever arrive. All too quickly, and with back-to-school sales in full swing, it is clear that summer is on the wane (high temps and humidity notwithstanding). If you have col… Read More
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Paying Attention to Detai…

Paying Attention to Details: It's What We Do

I’d like to expand upon Lee Flaherty’s article from last week by sharing examples from three files that are sitting on my desk as I am writing this. Example 1. We recently helped a client finalize a real estate transaction. One of the documents t… Read More
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