Earth Month

Reforestation partnership with One Tree Planted

Two years ago, Wright Beamer made an Earth Day pledge: for every estate plan completed with our firm, we would have a tree planted through our partnership with One Tree Planted, a nonprofit dedicated to global reforestation. In that time, we were responsible for 200 trees being planted across several regions that needed it the most.

Our firm remains committed to building a business that gives back in meaningful ways. For another year, we are doubling our support and will have two trees planted for each estate plan signed during Earth Month.

One of the most important ecosystems in the world is the rainforest. Around 20% of Earth’s oxygen comes from the rainforests around the globe, making those regions the largest source of oxygen. Rainforests are also incredibly biodiverse and home to over half the world’s plant and animal species. Other functions of the rainforests help to stabilize the planet’s climate, reducing the impact of greenhouse emissions and regulating healthy rainfall.

One Tree Planted will honor Earth Day during the entire month of April by focusing reforestation efforts on rainforests around the world. We are honored to be a part of the impact being made. Learn more about this Earth Day project and how you can help on the One Tree Planted website.

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