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Don’t Gamble with Your…

Don’t Gamble with Your Contracts

Gamblers know that casinos enjoy a “house edge” – a small but statistically significant mathematical advantage in games ensuring that over an extended period, the “house” will prevail. Likewise, savvy employers understand that well-drafted,… Read More
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Refining the Fine Print

Arbitration is a dispute resolution process for resolving conflicts outside of the court system. Like a judge, the arbitrator (or arbitration panel) renders a binding decision at the conclusion of the case. Arbitration has sometimes been viewed as mo… Read More
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Michigan’s New Garnishm…

Michigan’s New Garnishment Law Will Cut Employers Some Slack

Writs (i.e., orders) of garnishment are a powerful legal weapon wielded by creditors in their efforts to collect on court judgments. At the same time, they present dangerous legal landmines for the unwary. There are two categories of garnishment writ… Read More
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Arbitration Provisions in…

Arbitration Provisions in Employment Agreements

Including arbitration provisions in employment agreements can help to reduce the risk of expensive and time consuming litigation by requiring a dispute to be resolved by a neutral arbitrator, rather than through the court system. Generally speaking,… Read More
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