Estate Planning Awareness

Estate Planning Awareness

At Wright Beamer, every week is Estate Planning Awareness Week!

We know that no one really wants to think about estate planning. It’s a difficult topic to consider. But during National Estate Planning Awareness Week, let’s shift the mindset around it.

Preparing for the unexpected can be more than just part of being a responsible adult. Creating (and maintaining!) a plan gives you control of decisions before you’re unable to make them yourself. It takes the stress off the people closest to you by outlining your wishes for them – and not just for after you’re gone!

  1. Illnesses and hospitalizations end up leaving financial and medical decisions to be made by someone else. Power of attorney documents ensure that “someone else” is the person you trust to handle your affairs.
  2. Your minor children (or other dependents) should be a top priority for your documents. Make certain that you have properly planned for their care if ever needed.
  3. In this increasingly digital age, your assets are now online, too. Without access to your account logins, it could require a court order to manage your social media, email, online subscriptions, photos, cryptocurrency, and more.
  4. Under the best of circumstances, probate can be a long and expensive process. When the system is overloaded, it can become an even greater challenge. Taking steps to avoid this lengthy process will make an inherently complicated event a little easier for your loved ones.

Since life is constantly changing, estate planning should not be a once-in-a-lifetime activity. If you already have a plan, you're one step ahead of the game. However, many things evolve during life, whether regarding your assets or beneficiaries, and your documents should reflect that evolution. Even if the changes are not obvious, it’s always a good idea to regularly revisit your plan.

While we cannot predict the future, Wright Beamer’s staff of attorneys and legal professionals hope to offer you some peace of mind in the ways that we can help you navigate these complex decisions. During National Estate Planning Awareness Week especially, let us make sure you have a plan that works for you. Contact our office at or 248.477.6300.

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