Getting It Done

Getting It Done

Covid-19 has us all on edge. One way that I see this anxiety play out is in the increased number of calls we’re receiving from people interested in implementing or updating estate planning documents like wills, trusts and powers of attorney. One frequent question that callers ask is how we’re managing the mechanics of estate planning in the midst of the pandemic.

For those who are comfortable coming into our office, we have implemented several safety protocols. Anyone entering the building must wear a mask. Upon entering our suite, staff and visitors must take their temperature and complete a very brief Covid-related health questionnaire. The thermometer and pens are sanitized after each use, as are our reception area and conference rooms. Within the conference rooms, we have installed table-top plexiglass shields and limited the seating so that, if the client wishes, face masks can be removed while we meet.

For those who are trying to limit their contact with others, we can get the job done remotely using phone calls, Zoom and other video conferencing platforms, meeting with clients at a safe distance outside their homes or at any other convenient location, sending documents to clients with signing instructions, and even watching clients sign from outside their windows, then witnessing or notarizing their signatures.

Bottom line, if you want to create or update an estate plan during this time of Covid, we can find a way to get it done. So please don’t hesitate to call us at (248) 477-6300.

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