Healthy Choices

Healthy Choices

This year, Norup International School is doing things a little differently. In place of its usual Fun Run, the school is ushering in an inaugural program, Healthy Hawks Day. Put on by the Norup PTSA, the event offers all students an opportunity to explore the many aspects of staying healthy, including an art therapy experience, yoga class and an exercise circuit – all while having a bit of fun!

Sponsorship proceeds for Healthy Hawks Day are used to fund enrichment activities that complement the school’s curriculum but are not covered by the operating budget. In 2018, the Norup PTSA was able to fund Literacy Night, provide assistance for students attending 5th grade camp, and make improvements to the STEM Courtyard. It was also able to provide field trips, in-house speakers, books and technologies.

We at Wright Beamer understand the importance of encouraging whole-body wellness among the youth in our community, and proudly support opportunities that strengthen and supplement the education of local students. Wright Beamer is honored to sponsor Healthy Hawks Day at Norup International School!

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