Help for Small Businesses

Help for Small Businesses

Owning or managing a small business is challenging. There are legal and taxation issues to consider, financing to manage, employees to train, and marketing to undertake. Juggling these types of administrative issues while working to provide quality services and products is often overwhelming for small business owners and managers alike. However, help is available. There are a host of free resources available both locally and online to assist small businesses at every stage of the game. If you are looking for help in dealing with issues facing your small business, these organizations may be of interest to you:

The United States Small Business Administration (“SBA”):
The SBA is an independent government agency created in 1953 to aid, counsel and assist the interests of small businesses in the United States. It had its beginnings in offering small business loans, but shortly thereafter began developing varying programs for the upstart, development and management of small businesses in America. Today, the SBA’s programs include everything from advice on starting your own small business to taking advantage of grant programs. The SBA website includes training videos, health care information, marketing analysis tools, identification of legal and tax issues, and links to many other resources. There is also a local SBA district office right here in the Detroit area. (

Michigan Economic Development Corporation (“MEDC”):
The Michigan Economic Development Corporation is the marketing arm of the State of Michigan and was created to advocate for business owners who seek to start, grow, and maintain Michigan businesses. The MEDC website provides information regarding building capital, finding talent, increasing your customer base, and a whole lot more. The MEDC offers partnering opportunities with both public and private businesses as well as Michigan collegiate and other educational resources. (

Local and State Associations:
Getting involved in business associations can be of great benefit. Networking connections, marketing opportunities, and support from other local owners and managers are all available through your local chamber of commerce ( and among others), as well as places like these:
Small Business Association of Michigan:
Better Business Bureau:
Michigan Restaurant Association:
Michigan Retailers Association:

As always, please feel free to contact Wright Beamer any time you have a question or concern. We look forward to helping you with your small business and legal needs!

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