Hometown Memories

Hometown Memories

Cotton candy. Carnival Rides. A downtown parade. Memories from “Homecoming,” the annual summer festival sponsored by local civic groups in my rural Ohio hometown. Dad and Uncle Bobby ran the french fry booth for the Lions Club, and Mom helped the Boosters keep a steady supply of homemade noodles hot and ready. We kids spent three steamy summer days and long magical nights running from one adventure to the next.

I’m miles and years away from my small town Homecoming festivities. But I can relive the memories and pass them to my kids every summer at the Founders Festival — the greater Farmington community’s version of my childhood experience writ large. Operated by the Downtown Development Authority and supported by local civic groups like the Chamber of Commerce, the Founders Festival draws friends and family from across southeast Michigan eager to walk the streets, explore the vendor booths, and sample fare available only at a summer celebration.

At Wright Beamer, we’re proud to support the Festival and the Chamber by sponsoring Alley Regalley, a favorite venue known for its jazz artists, upscale cuisine and select adult beverages. Hosted by the Chamber, Alley Regalley opens Thursday, July 18 for a Festival pre-glow at 5:00 p.m. until midnight and Friday and Saturday (July 19 and 20) from 10:00 a.m. to midnight. Stop in for a bite to eat before tackling the Festival, or wind down with friends over a beer or wine after catching a concert or playing in the streets.

For more information about Founders Festival, visit www.foundersfestival.com. To learn more about Alley Regalley, visit the Chamber’s site at www.gfachamber.com. We look forward to seeing you at Alley Regalley and around town as future memories are made.

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