Michigan is one of only a handful of states in the U.S. that do not limit legislative session days after the November election, a situation which lends itself to biennial lame-duck shenanigans. In the final days of 2018, our 99th legislature garnered the national spotlight with a 13-day, 300-bill, 21-hour lame-duck session. Here’s a list of some of the notable legislation that was passed:

VOTING REGISTRATION - The Secretary of State is now required to automatically register drivers’ license or ID card applicants to vote and to compel license applicants to declare citizenship.

MINIMUM WAGE – The minimum wage will rise to $12.05 over the next eleven years.

PAID SICK LEAVE – Employers with 50 or more employers must provide paid sick leave. There is a lot to this new law. Qualifying employers should consult counsel to assure compliance.

BALLOT PROPOSALS – Groups seeking to put proposals on the ballot must now secure signatures from at least seven districts, with no more than 15% of the signatures coming from any one district.

EXECUTIVE BRANCH RESTRICTION – Executive branch state agencies may not adopt more stringent rules than those provided under federal law without a clear and convincing need.

ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS - A new government authority will keep the Enbridge Line 5 pipeline flowing, a host of new exemptions to state permitting requirements for wetland dredging were created, and standards for cleaning up toxic chemicals at a multitude of polluted sites were overhauled.

EDUCATION – An A-to-F ranking system for Michigan’s public schools was created.

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