Commercial lease on desk with rent payment, keys, and calculator

Commercial Leases and Frustrated Purposes

Unlike residential tenants, most commercial tenants were not relieved of the obligation to pay rent during the pandemic. In a recent case, the tenant alleged that the purpose of the lease—to use the property to operate a gym—was frustrated by the… Read More
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First-time renter searching for rent listings on laptop

For Rent

A first apartment brings not only new freedoms, but also new responsibilities, such as dealing with a landlord and roommates and paying a security deposit. Understanding some legal basics might help renters navigate these new situations. In Michigan,… Read More
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Landlords Beware!

We are privileged to represent many clients who own residential rental properties; drafting leases, advising on issues involving potential and current tenants, lease enforcement and evictions are just some of the services we provide. Within the past… Read More
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