Michigan Bills Recently Signed into Law

The ink in Governor Synder’s pens has been flowing with the signing of more than 25 new bills last month alone. Here are a few of the more notable new laws:

Public Act 101 of 2017: Expands the reach of business courts to disputes involving equitable relief (such as an injunction to stop certain conduct) and declaratory relief (to obtain a ruling about the legal rights of parties). Previously, a lawsuit had to seek money damages to be eligible for business court jurisdiction.

Public Act 85 of 2017 (Law Enforcement Body-Worn Camera Privacy Act): Institutes new guidelines for the use of body cameras by police officers.

Public Act 88 of 2017: Allows beer and wine products to be sampled by employees of wholesalers for educational purposes.

Public Act 97 of 2017 (World War I Centennial Commission Act): Creates a new commission within the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs to be responsible for planning, developing and executing programs, projects and activities to commemorate the 100th anniversary of World War I.

Public Act 98 of 2017 (Educational Instruction Access Act): Limits the ability of local governments to interfere with an educational institution’s right to sell, transfer, lease or rent facilities for an educational purpose.

Public Act 96 of 2017: Repeals a law that prohibited the sale or possession of spring-assisted knives.

Public Act 93 of 2017: Appropriates funding for several land acquisition and recreational development projects throughout the State of Michigan.

For more information about other noteworthy local, state and federal laws, please visit our website and stay tuned to Now You Know It for more updates!

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