A New Way to Find Lost Dogs: There’s an App for That!

A New Way to Find Lost Do…

I love dogs! As a bona fide dog person, I was delighted to learn of amazing new technology that uses facial recognition to reunite lost dogs with their owners. The technology is available to the public for free through the Finding Rover app and the Finding Rover website.

So, in celebration of National Dog Day (which happens to be the day I am writing this), I’ve already downloaded the app and registered our dog, Zoey. If Zoey ever becomes lost, whoever finds her can simply upload an image of her face to the Finding Rover app or website. The image will be compared with the one already in the database, a match will hopefully be made, and Tim and I will be notified that our wayward pup has been found! (The software claims to be nearly 100% accurate.)

The technology can work “in reverse” as well. The Oakland County Animal Control and Pet Adoption Center is already uploading an image of each dog that comes into the shelter on Finding Rover. If Zoey ever does get lost, we can go online and view the faces of all the dogs in the shelter to see if she is there.

Joining Finding Rover and uploading Zoey’s picture was really quite easy. If you have a dog, I encourage you to consider doing the same!

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