A Bosses Day Tribute

A Bosses Day Tribute

It’s not often we’re able to publicly say “thank you!” to a great group of bosses. So, to: Dirk, Lee, Duane, Julie, Heather, Kathy and Evan – We want to take this opportunity to say that we’re glad to be a part of your team and grateful (… Read More
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Reason #84 You Need an Es…

Reason #84 You Need an Estate Plan

There’s a National Holiday for It Raise your hand if you have your party hat on for National Estate Planning Awareness Week, which kicked off yesterday! Just me? Not surprising. Yes, National Estate Planning Awareness Week is an actual thing. Adopt… Read More
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Emerging Leaders in Our C…

Emerging Leaders in Our Community

Last month, the Livonia Chamber of Commerce and the Livonia Jaycees hosted its regular Emerging Leaders Social. Up-and-coming professionals came together at Super Natural Brewing & Spirits for an evening of drinks and networking. Wright Beamer… Read More
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Joint Wills Are Not a Bar…

Joint Wills Are Not a Bargain

While we rarely see joint wills, they do come up often enough in conversations with clients to warrant a brief mention here. The context is usually the mistaken belief that a joint will might simplify the overall estate plan or, perhaps, result in a… Read More
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Making Better Lawyers for…

Making Better Lawyers for a Better Michigan

This year, two committees of the State Bar of Michigan will include a friendly face. Wright Beamer’s own Julie Cotant was nominated to serve as a member of both the Client Protection Fund Committee and the Professional Education & Events Commit… Read More
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I Thought You Said I Coul…

I Thought You Said I Couldn’t Ask About His Health?

Faced with a mountain of legislation and regulations designed to protect employees from discrimination and invasions of privacy, many employers and supervisors understandably fear making any inquiry about a worker’s physical or mental health.  Whi… Read More
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Hitting the Green for Goo…

Hitting the Green for Good

When Tamsin Klosowski was born in October 2014, her parents never imagined that at eight months old she would be diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder known as Tuberous Sclerosis Complex. According to the NIH website, this disease is “characterize… Read More
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Where There’s a “Will…

Where There’s a “Will,” There’s a Way

In Michigan, any document that says who gets what after one’s death and that meets specific requirements constitutes a valid will.  There are exceptions to this general rule, however, allowing certain less formal documents to also qualify as wills… Read More
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Things to Know (About Us!…

Things to Know (About Us!): Donna Stewart

Last month, Donna Stewart and her husband, Mike, together with her sister and brother-in-law, checked an item off their Bucket Lists by taking a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Alaska!  They visited Anchorage, Seward, Juneau, Skagway, Icy Straits and Ket… Read More
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Confidentiality is Always…

Confidentiality is Always on the Clock

Many businesses hire contractors to perform specific services after business hours, such as an office-cleaning services.  If you have concerns about the confidentiality of your business or client information that the contractors may come across in t… Read More
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