NLRB Postpones Controversial Poster Requirement

Last year, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) announced that employers would soon be required to display a workplace poster advising employees of their right to form unions. For the second time, the NLRB has pushed back the implementation date of the controversial requirement. Originally, the posting requirement was to take effect November 14, 2011. After a coalition of business groups filed a lawsuit to block the change, the NLRB delayed the effective date to January 31, 2012.

Now, the federal court hearing the case in Washington, D.C. has asked for further postponement. The NLRB has agreed, pushing the effective date to April 30, 2012. Presumably, the court will try to issue its decision prior to the April 30 deadline.

If the court sides with the plaintiffs who brought the suit, expect the postponement to continue indefinitely while the matter works its way through the appeals process. However, if the court decides against the business groups, it will be interesting to see whether it nonetheless postpones implementation to allow them to seek an appeal, or whether it will allow the new requirement to go into effect while the plaintiffs consider and pursue appellate options.

Whatever the outcome, be assured we will keep you in the Know.

And on a personal note . . .

I spent the last week of January with my family in a condo on Miami Beach. With warmer than average temperatures, we passed most of our time lying on the sand or playing in the surf. We took breaks for shuffleboard, dinner out and a day-trip to the Everglades. But mostly, we enjoyed our time away as much for what we didn’t do – school projects, piano lessons, office work – as for what we did do.

With two new teenagers and a ten-year old wise beyond her years, I’m reminded that childhood is fleeting. The time for making family memories is now. I am grateful to my colleagues and staff who covered my files while I was gone. I am grateful for my clients, who were patient with my absence and who provide the livelihood to support my family’s ventures. And I am grateful for the members of that family – Jessica, Langston, Lawrence and Anika Jane – who show understanding when I can’t be with them and warmly welcome me back into the circle when I can.

Whether in the sun or in the snow as you read this, be grateful for the gifts you enjoy and for people to share them with. We at Wright Beamer are grateful for you.

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