About Us

In 1991, Attorney Bill Wright started a new law firm. A man of quick wit and strong integrity, Bill wanted to create a firm that mirrored his personal commitment to provide each client his very best advice and his undivided personal attention. All these years later, Bill's fingerprint remains clearly visible on how we approach the practice of law at Wright Beamer.

We've grown over time, and that's allowed us to offer a breadth of services to both corporations and individuals. We have a team of professionals who know the answers, or at least know where to find them quickly. Our attorneys are well-grounded in the law and equally well-grounded in the day-to-day business and personal realities in which our clients work and live and make decisions. And, notwithstanding our growth over time, we're not too big to remember the key to our success: prompt, personal attention to our clients.

We're proud to say that many of the same clients who started with Bill in 1991 still turn to Wright Beamer for their legal needs. You don't maintain a long relationship by overcharging for your services or by giving shoddy advice. You do it like Bill did it — with timely, helpful advice delivered professionally and efficiently.