Planning in the Time of Coronavirus

Planning in the Time of C…

During this time of the Coronavirus outbreak, one thing is certain: nothing is certain. As we know, everyone is susceptible to the virus and anyone could be facing possible hospitalization in these worrisome times. But before you’re facing a medical emergency, there are a few documents that will bring you some certainty.

First and foremost, if something happens and you are temporarily unable to make a medical decision, you need a patient advocate to do that for you. Having someone appointed in a Patient Advocate Designation prior to a medical emergency ensures that your agent can seamlessly step in and make decisions on your behalf. Also keep in mind that medical service providers are not obligated to provide anyone with your medical information – emergency or not. An Authorization for the Release of Protected Health Information can name individuals who can receive information about your health.

Second, a General Durable Power of Attorney can allow you to designate a trusted person to handle your financial or other “business” affairs when you are unable. If you find yourself in the hospital, an agent can quickly manage your bills and other financial responsibilities, as well as sign documents and exercise authority on your behalf. While you are ill, a trusted individual can make sure that your other obligations are being met.

One of the estate planning attorneys at Wright Beamer can make certain that you have what you need before you need it. You can also be sure that the documents are tailored to you and that your wishes are expressed and enforceable. If you need some peace of mind during this time, contact our office at or (248) 477-6300. And please be well and be safe.

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