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Where There’s a “Will…

Where There’s a “Will,” There’s a Way

In Michigan, any document that says who gets what after one’s death and that meets specific requirements constitutes a valid will. There are exceptions to this general rule, however, allowing certain less formal documents to also qualify as wills.… Read More
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Do This 1 Thing Every Yea…

Do This 1 Thing Every Year to Help Your Family

Helping clients settle deceased loved ones’ estates has exposed me to all sorts of unique problems (and smells and sights) that I could never have anticipated. It is not the unique situations, however, that prompt me to write this post. Rather,… Read More
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Did You Know That Wright…

Did You Know That Wright Beamer...

…Handles Probate Administration? “You mean you could handle that for us? We wouldn’t have to do anything?” I was at the deceased’s home, sitting with my clients at a table surrounded by piles of papers. My clients looked weary and were… Read More
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Caring for Elderly Parent…

Caring for Elderly Parents: Are You Ready?

A recent telephone call from my client went something like this: Julie, my mom kicked me out of her house again. She was screaming at me for over an hour, she was calling me names, and threatening to “kick my *&$.” She is not taking her medic… Read More
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