Summer Reflections

Summer Reflections

As the days grow shorter and nighttime temperatures drop into the 50s, I can’t help but feel that the oh, so brief summer of 2013 is drawing to a close! I’m already growing nostalgic for summer days gone by.

This has been a wonderful summer for Tim and me! The lawn and garden are especially lush, which makes me very happy. We’ve been able to enjoy a nice measure of patio time, which we both love. We’ve spent lots of time with friends doing lots of different things, which have renewed our hearts and spirits. I found time to play more golf over the last three months than I have played over the previous decade, which is a minor miracle.

But the very best part of this summer has been the family time. In May and July, we spent extended time in and near Cheboygan, getting ready for and celebrating my
nephew’s wedding. And in early August, several members of Clan Lindsay (my family) swooped in for the 164th Annual Highland Games in Livonia. The weather for these occasions was fabulous whenever it needed to be, and every time we gathered we had such fun!

So, despite its brevity, I’m deeply grateful for this summer. It’s been a time of bonfires and fireworks, baseball and bocce, beautiful sunsets and night skies, good food and drink, great music and conversation, relaxing boat rides and energetic (if not good) sing-alongs. I hope it’s been a happy time for you, and that you’ve been able to spend it with those you love and who love you!

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