The Women of the Moment

The Women of the Moment

Women’s History Month started as a day. Just one day. International Women’s Day began to commemorate a meeting of social activists and suffragists in Manhattan in 1909. By 1977, it became a week to honor the many accomplishments of women in our culture and society. Finally, 10 years later, the entire month of March was declared Women’s History Month, a time to remember trailblazing women across disciplines.

Just as the celebration of women’s history grew, so has the inclusion of women in the legal field. At Wright Beamer, we are fortunate to have a majority of women attorneys on our team. We are better because of their hard work and headship, both in their respective areas of practice and outside of the office.

As Women’s History Month closes, we want to thank the extraordinary women we know. Lee, Kathy, Heather, and Emily are remarkable leaders in the law and leaders at Wright Beamer, and we are lucky to have them!

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