Things to Know (About Us!): Kathy Spray

Things to Know (About Us!…

A few years ago, Kathy Spray’s daughter, Samantha, had one request for her senior spring break: a sight-seeing trip to Europe. With plans to major in Art History in college, Samantha wanted to take in the magnificent history, art, and architecture abroad.

Samantha spent countless hours making plans for their not-to-be-missed European adventure. Like most things, though, the challenges of the last two years changed everything, and the meticulously planned trip was canceled. And then canceled again.

But over the holiday break, after four years of planning and nine months of delay, Kathy and Samantha were finally able to take that trip! The twosome traveled across Italy, France, and Spain, while relishing in extraordinary sights such as the Colosseum and Sistine Chapel, the French Riviera, and the famed culinary School of Hostelry!

Best wishes to Samantha on the next chapter! We’re sure this excursion will not soon be forgotten!

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