Things to Know (About Us!): Lauren Woirol

Things to Know (About Us!…

This has been a year of finding new joy. Although so much has changed about our favorite things, we have not stopped pursuing life’s simple pleasures.

Movie theaters across the country remain shuttered, taking with them the nostalgic smells of popcorn and the delight of taking in a film together. This past weekend, though, Lauren Woirol and her family were able to capture a small piece of that.

When ongoing closures shut the doors for the local film society, it found a new way to bring movies to the community. Having partnered with a nearby navy shipyard, the film society was able to bring back an old favorite: the drive-in.

Loaded up with snacks and blankets, the Woirol family car became a private theater. All attendees could be distant while taking in How the Grinch Stole Christmas to kick off the holiday season.

We are all looking forward to the days when we are able to experience our favorite things together. For now, though, we continue to find new joy whenever we can.

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