Things to Know (About Us!): Lee Flaherty

Things to Know (About Us!…

Tucked away on Harriet Street in Ypsilanti, you will find a most unassuming building which houses a lot of heart. Hope Clinic was founded in 1982 as a Saturday morning walk-in clinic. In almost four decades, it has grown into a remarkable nonprofit organization with a simple purpose: serving the underserved. Hope Clinic now offers holistic care with the goal of bettering the lives of those around us who need it most. Hope’s Medical Clinic provides full health care for the uninsured and underinsured through its Ypsilanti location and its satellite clinic in Westland. The organization’s other services seek to either meet basic needs or equip people with the tools they need to improve the quality of their lives and even become self-sufficient.

This month, Tim and Lee Flaherty attended Hope Clinic’s annual fundraiser with friends. The event took place at the University of Michigan North Campus Research Complex in Ann Arbor and included a strolling dinner, live music and a dynamic guest speaker. Proceeds benefit the Hope Clinic and the work it does for our community. To learn more about Hope, visit their website at

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