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Joint Wills Are Not a Bar…

Joint Wills Are Not a Bargain

While we rarely see joint wills, they do come up often enough in conversations with clients to warrant a brief mention here. The context is usually the mistaken belief that a joint will might simplify the overall estate plan or, perhaps, result in a… Read More
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Where There’s a “Will…

Where There’s a “Will,” There’s a Way

In Michigan, any document that says who gets what after one’s death and that meets specific requirements constitutes a valid will.  There are exceptions to this general rule, however, allowing certain less formal documents to also qualify as wills… Read More
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Reason #32 You Need an Es…

Reason #32 You Need an Estate Plan

Your Mom Can’t Manage Money People often come into my office and promptly inform me that while they need a will and power of attorney, they do not need a trust. I always ask them to give me some time to go through their situation and explain ho… Read More
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Did You Know That Wright…

Did You Know That Wright Beamer...

…Handles Probate Administration? “You mean you could handle that for us? We wouldn’t have to do anything?” I was at the deceased’s home, sitting with my clients at a table surrounded by piles of papers. My clients looked weary and were… Read More
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Reason #25 You Need an Es…

Reason #25 You Need an Estate Plan

You Mean My Rotten Relatives Will Get My Stuff? I had a couple come into my office to discuss estate planning last week. The husband has six children and twelve grandchildren. He does not have a relationship with three kids and four grandkids. He bel… Read More
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Let’s Get Real about Yo…

Let’s Get Real about Your Adult Children

I want to know if your adult children are productive citizens or drains on your bank account. Are they employed or underemployed? Are they shrewd investors or spendthrifts? Are all of your kids similar, or do their financial situations and personalit… Read More
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Do It For Your Kids

Do It For Your Kids

We understand that preparing an estate plan is not always the most urgent priority for young families. Buying your first home, sleepless nights with a newborn, coordinating everyone’s packed schedules while trying to maintain your family’s sanity… Read More
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A 2015 Resolution: Who’…

A 2015 Resolution: Who’s With Me?

As many of you may know, my husband, Joe, and I welcomed our second child, Cole Elizabeth, four months ago. (Our son, Callum, is now two and a half.)  I look back on the two and a half years of being a parent, and am amazed by all of the planning, r… Read More
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Wright Beamer Founder Tea…

Wright Beamer Founder Teaches Estate Planning to Lawyers

William M. Wright – founder and of counsel attorney with Wright Beamer, PLC – recently taught a seminar at the Probate and Estate Planning Institute’s sessions in Traverse City and Plymouth.  The Institute, which is sponsored by the Institute… Read More
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