You Can Only Have One

Michigan law generally defines your principal residence as the one place you own to which, whenever you leave, you intend to return. As such, your principal residence will be deemed exempt from certain school taxes upon the filing of the requisite Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) Affidavit with your local assessor.

Pursuant to amendments to the Michigan General Property Tax Act that became effective this past October 5, 2017, Michigan law now provides that if you claim a tax exemption, deduction or credit for property you own in another state under the laws of that state, and those laws provide for an exemption that is substantially similar to the Michigan PRE, you cannot also claim the Michigan PRE for your Michigan home. In fact, it is a crime to intentionally claim a PRE for more than one property, whether in Michigan or in another state. Property owners who do this are potentially guilty of a misdemeanor, and additional criminal sanctions can be imposed upon the person who swore to a falsified PRE affidavit, as well as the person who verified the falsified PRE affidavit.

Bottom line: As far as Michigan law is concerned, you can only claim one home at a time as your principal residence, regardless of where that home is located. Do you have any questions or need help? Contact Wright Beamer at (248) 477-6300.

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