A Bosses Day Tribute

It might be called Bosses Day, but that doesn’t quite encompass the leadership at Wright Beamer.

Dirk, Lee, Duane, Heather, Kathy, Evan, and Emily are more than just bosses. They are coaches, mentors, and true leaders in every sense of the word. Whether it is helping us meet our goals or just listening to our perspectives, they each guide our team with genuine kindness and support.

While one day is simply not enough, on Bosses Day, we want to say thank you for your leadership and your commitment to excellence. You always recognize our efforts, and we are grateful for an opportunity to recognize yours. We know the hard work that you put in to make Wright Beamer a great place to work, and we appreciate you - today and every day.

Happy Bosses Day!

With appreciation and gratitude,

Deb, Donna, Heather, Mary, and Lauren

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