A New Leaf

Wright Beamer has always strived to be a company that gives back in meaningful ways. To that end, we made an Earth Day commitment to plant a tree for each estate plan signed with our firm.

Our recent contribution to One Tree Planted will be used to support a reforestation initiative that is planting fruit trees in India. This project will establish forests to help better the life and well-being of the surrounding area. Pollutants removed by each tree will improve health, providing oxygen and fresh air for the community.

The project will make a significant impact for local farmers and communities as well. Three years after planting, the fruit from these trees will help generate additional income for small and marginalized growers and reduce hunger and malnutrition for local villages.

We are proud to support One Tree Planted as it works towards a better world and better future. Learn more about this organization online and find out how you can also get involved.

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