Designing Cauley Ferrari

A couple of weeks ago, Cauley Ferrari opened its redesigned doors to a newly-expanded dealership. Located in West Bloomfield and Michigan's only authorized Ferrari dealership, plans to remodel the building began four years ago. It now boasts a second level inspired by the Italian home of Enzo Ferrari, complete with balconies and glass panels to showcase the dealership's classic Ferraris.
When considering the update, the Italian firm that handles all Ferrari dealership remodels turned to inFORM studio. Known for its "progressive and innovative design work," inFORM helped to provide a fresh, new look described by Jeff Cauley, co-owner and general manager, as "very sleek and modern; very stunning and inviting."
We at Wright Beamer are so proud of our friends at inFORM studio and congratulate them on this marvelous opportunity and accomplishment!

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