On Common Ground

Students supporting students with nonprofit Operation Common Good

The mission of Operation Common Good is to ensure that no student in the Farmington area gets left behind.

Local students and staff began Operation Common Good to bridge the gap in resources. Since 2004, the nonprofit has raised funds to help with school supplies and fees for field trips, enrichment activities, and special events. Funds are also made available for families facing urgent financial crises. Giving boxes set up around the community by OGC provide pantry and other basic items for neighbors in need.

Operation Common Good hopes to give all students every opportunity to be successful in their education, removing any barriers because of a family’s socioeconomic status. The nonprofit receives no district or state funding. However, with the uncertainties of the last few years, the work of charitable organizations like this is more important than ever.

Last month, Farmington High School’s annual Charity Week was held to benefit Operation Common Good. Raffles, sponsorships, and school events helped FHS to double its goal for this year! Wright Beamer was proud to be a “Falcon Event Sponsor” of the Farmington High School pep rally for Charity Week. Learn more or find out how you can help Operation Common Good on its website and the Farmington Public Schools website.

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