Reason #15 You Need an Estate Plan

You're Having Surgery

You have the date. You know the procedure’s risks and rewards. You’re familiar with the pre-op instructions, and you’ve made arrangements to get to and from the procedure. But, do you have your estate plan in place?

Chances are that the procedure will go smoothly. My job, however, is to ensure you have what you need no matter what comes up. Because – say it with me – if you need the documents and you don’t have the documents, it’s too late to get the documents! If something happens and you are temporarily unable to make a medical decision, you need a patient advocate to do that for you. Having one in place prior to any medical procedures ensures that your agent can seamlessly step in and make decisions on your behalf.

Many hospitals and doctor offices require some form of health directives on file prior to procedures so they know who makes your medical decisions if you cannot and who can access your medical information. For the convenience of their patients, facilities often offer their own fill-in-the-blank forms, but I recommend consulting an attorney first. While the forms may seem “good enough,” keep in mind that they’re based on what the hospital or doctor thinks they need. Our documents are carefully customized to ensure that your wishes are expressed and enforceable. They are also comprehensive, so you will have all of the documents you need, rather than just the one your doctor wants.

Whether you’re having a major surgery or a minor procedure, schedule an appointment with one of the estate planning attorneys at Wright Beamer first!

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