Run the Good Race

In 2019, Jonathan Gelman, along with good friend Jarrett Van Norstrand, started Victory Motorsports Group (VMG). The organization’s mission is to enrich the lives of others through a shared passion of racing.

As a full-time mechanic, Jarrett uses his skills to assist those who do not have the resources to repair their cars properly and safely. Jonathan teaches defensive and performance driving through performance driving schools and teen driving programs. Through their work at VMG, both men hope to use their passions for cars and motorsports to positively impact the community.

When not teaching, Jonathan races throughout the Midwest and South, as well as along the East Coast. Here in Michigan, he participates in racing circuits at Waterford Hills, GingerMan and Grattan. Wright Beamer is proud to support VMG during this racing season and to help promote VMG’s efforts to turn a passion for racing into a passion for life.

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