Thank You Kindly

Thank you note for Administrative Professionals Day

There is much that is intangible in the roles played by administrative professionals. Their best performances frequently take place behind the scenes, and when done well, the efforts are not always obvious. Administrative Professionals Day helps to remind us of the significant contributions these teammates bring to the workplace.

For many businesses, administrative professionals are the lynchpin of the team, and their roles are incredibly diverse and always changing. Many times, these professionals are going above and beyond to contribute to the company’s success, even amidst an environment that may often be evolving.

At Wright Beamer, we are continually striving to provide excellent support and service to our clients. We are better because of the hard work and dedication of Deb Yanke, Donna Stewart, Heather Yanke, Mary Martin, and Lauren Woirol. While we are determined to acknowledge their hard work every day, there is no better time than Administrative Professionals Day to say, “Thank you!”

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