Things to Know (About Us!): Donna Stewart

Things to Know (About Us!…

As the pandemic hit all around us, shuttering businesses and changing social norms, a handful of professions kept our communities going. While all of these frontline responders have been critically important, none have been more so than healthcare workers. Doctors and nurses work tirelessly to save lives, while staff keep hospitals clean and well-stocked. And lab technicians are doing their part to identify and mitigate the spread. We will never be able to repay the sacrifices made by these frontline heroes.

This past Sunday, the Mustang Owners Club of Southeastern Michigan gathered in Dearborn to show support for Beaumont Hospital. Mustang owners, including Mike and Donna Stewart and other family members, paraded by the hospital with police escort. About 60 cars, many with “thank you” signs, filled the procession as a show of appreciation for the dedication of Beaumont’s essential workers.

This event is but one small example of our collective desire to express and show the gratitude we feel. We are all humbled by the perseverance and commitment of the medical workers helping to keep us safe and healthy. Thank you from all us!

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