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Caution to Nonprofits Eng…

Caution to Nonprofits Engaging in Political Activity

As we enter the home stretch in this election cycle, both excitement and concern are mounting for many nonprofits. The temptation may be strong for them to speak out with regard to issues affecting their interests, and perhaps even to comment on indi… Read More
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Tell Me Again Why I’ve…

Tell Me Again Why I’ve Been Disinherited?

It’s long been the law in Michigan that someone who “feloniously and intentionally” kills another cannot inherit from the person he or she killed. On October 1, 2012, this law will be expanded to also prevent people convicted of abuse, neglect… Read More
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Will the Next Scammer Ple…

Will the Next Scammer Please Step Forward?

It was just weeks ago that I wrote about the dramatic increase in tax scams. Now I need to pass along news of another kind of scam. One of our clients whose trademarks are registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office recently receive… Read More
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Watch Out for Tax Scammer…

Watch Out for Tax Scammers!

It’s no secret that identity theft is a serious and growing problem. One particularly fruitful area for identity thieves is tax fraud. The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, Russell George, recently testified before Congress on this… Read More
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Medicaid Estate Recovery…

Medicaid Estate Recovery Update

In his recent email blast, Duane Reynolds of our office wrote about Michigan’s new “estate recovery” program, the purpose of which is to recover Medicaid benefits paid to individuals over the age of 55. Michigan’s program became effective Jul… Read More
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Deferring Capital Gains T…

Deferring Capital Gains Tax

Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code gives us a terrific tool for deferring capital gains tax. We can defer paying capital gains tax upon the sale of real estate and personal property held for business use or investment if we use the proceeds of… Read More
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Preserving S Corporation…

Preserving S Corporation Status

Despite the advent of limited liability companies in Michigan, S corporations remain one of the most popular forms of business entity. S corporations have several advantages, but perhaps their most attractive feature is pass-through taxation. S corpo… Read More
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Good News for Limited Lia…

Good News for Limited Liability Companies

In Michigan, a limited liability company (“LLC”) is established by filing of Articles of Organization with the Bureau of Commercial Services. Included in those Articles of Organization is the proposed name of the new entity. The Bureau reviews al… Read More
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