According to the Michigan Attorney General’s office, when violence occurs in schools, eight times out of ten someone other than the attacker had advance knowledge of the plan. Tragically, the people with that knowledge – most commonly students – are often afraid to come forward and share this critical information. OK2SAY is a student safety initiative that allows students to report tips in a confidential manner regarding potential harmful or criminal activities directed at students or school employees.

OK2SAY follows a successful Colorado program called Safe2Tell. In just over eleven years, Safe2Tell received more than 8,900 tips, which it used to resolve 284 planned school attacks, 1,300 planned suicides, and over 2,200 bullying situations. OK2SAY hopes to mimic that success here in Michigan.

For OK2SAY to succeed, students need to know about it. Tipsters can contact OK2SAY in any of the following ways:

  • Call it in: 1-8-555-OK2SAY (1-855-565-2729)
  • Text to: OK2SAY (652729)
  • Email: ok2say@mi.gov
  • Web: www.mi.gov/ok2say
  • Mobile App: Available in the app stores for iPhone and Android

We encourage you to join us in spreading the word about this valuable resource for improving the safety of our schools for all who study and work in them.

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