The Importance of “Why?”

The Importance of “Why?…

I’ve been with Wright Beamer, and writing to you in these short articles, for a few years now. And, being honest, it sometimes gets difficult to know what it is that you’d like to read about. This week, I had a riveting piece about legal developments in web accessibility all written and ready to go when I ran across a great video from the good people at TED which inspired me to change course. (You are on the edge of your seat waiting for the web piece, I know.) The video, in a nutshell, pointed out the value in explaining why we make the choices we do. It got me thinking that we talk a lot in our newsletter about who, what, when, where and how to comply with the law, but not often about why you should. And so, I’d like to take this opportunity to give you a snippet of my own answer to that question.

A few weekends ago, I tried to get a group of 10 friends to decide on where to eat dinner on a Friday night. It was nothing short of traumatic. Cost, location, food allergies, attire concerns; there was an endless litany of factors that kept us from nourishment. And there were only 10 of us! Now realize that there are some 316 million people in this country who need to live and work together in relative harmony. The only reason that happens is that our legal system works.

In this country, we have a process in place whereby any individual can seek, gain and maintain employment; a process that applies equally to all. We have order among people who seek to publicly disagree and protest ideas. We provide the opportunity for those who find themselves at odds with each other to obtain a fair and impartial hearing to resolve their differences of opinion. Any individual in this country can follow a dream or develop a new idea and protect it. All of this happens through the American legal system. And while we constantly strive to improve our system of justice, there can be no doubt that ours is the greatest legal system on Earth, because it allows so many people to do so many things in relative harmony.

That’s the ‘why’ behind following the letter of the law. If we want to maintain our freedoms, and our order, and our peace, we must submit to the process by which it is granted. Red tape and regulatory headaches frustrate us sometimes, both personally and professionally, but we must remember that without those requirements and without our legal system, we’d be malnourished as a nation.

I am celebrating my 20th year as an attorney in the State of Michigan this month and I am very proud of that. For me, being an attorney is about helping others and I am grateful that I get to do it for a living. I enjoy working here at Wright Beamer; the people I work with have strong values, and they share my interest in continuing to learn and in helping others.

Thanksgiving is almost here and each year as it approaches I am thoughtful of the many blessings in my life. This year, I most certainly count among them my license to practice law, my good fortune in working with a wonderful group of people here at Wright Beamer, and the opportunity to be of service to you in addressing your legal needs. Please accept my warmest wishes for a joyous 2014 holiday season.

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