What Happens in Vegas…

Making time to smell the roses.

You know the familiar line, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!” But if you’re behaving yourself with good friends, there’s no harm in sharing memories of the fun and reminding yourself and others that you do need to take the opportunity to smell the roses along life’s path.

I had the privilege of speaking before the United Farmers Agents Association (UFAA) National Assembly last week in Las Vegas. Between Board Meetings and Convention sessions, we found time for fellowship and fun with longtime clients and friends (including photographer Jane Ward and her husband Mike). At Wednesday night’s banquet, the dueling pianos were a hit, and “someone” (thanks, Mike) suggested I join them for “Old Time Rock and Roll.” Have you ever known a lawyer to turn down a microphone?

Today as I write, I’m on the West Coast for work, away from my family on Father’s Day. It’s a good reminder that most of us work hard at what we do, and we’re grateful for the opportunities hard work creates for our families and us. But as one UFAA colleague reminded me last week, “We work to live, not live to work.” When you have those moments with families and friends, take them and treasure them.

This coming Saturday – just back from California – I’m off to Maine with Jessica, our kids, my mom, and all six of my siblings with grandchildren and great-grandchildren in tow. Jet-lagged or not, I look forward to yet another opportunity to smell life’s roses with those dearest to me. Don’t expect any family photos in next week’s Now You Know It. After all, you know the saying: “What happens in Bangor, stays in Bangor!”

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