Did You Know That Wright Beamer...

...Handles Probate Administration?

“You mean you could handle that for us? We wouldn’t have to do anything?” I was at the deceased’s home, sitting with my clients at a table surrounded by piles of papers. My clients looked weary and were still processing the loss. My clients lived out of state, had busy jobs, and simply could not fathom probating an estate. “That’s right,” I replied. “I can act as Personal Representative so that you don’t have to.”

Managing an estate is time-consuming and requires attention to a myriad of details. A Personal Representative (executor) is responsible for any number of tasks, including identifying, collecting, selling, and managing assets; preparing and filing paperwork with the probate court; reviewing old paperwork to determine assets, insurance coverage, and debts owed; closing and opening bank accounts; filing final tax returns (or back tax returns if necessary); applying for tax identification numbers with the IRS; completing endless forms; hiring realtors, accountants, and other professionals; regularly communicating with the estate’s heirs; managing creditors; attending real estate closings; and tracking every penny in or out in the process. Heck, we even have to sell a horse here and there.

Probate is one of my favorite areas of the law. While I take no delight in my clients grieving the loss of a loved one, I very much enjoy the privilege of helping them manage the deceased’s affairs. I’ve seen how difficult it can be to grieve the loss while at the same time trying to learn the probate process and follow the deceased’s wishes. Whether I’m called upon to walk clients through the process or to handle it altogether, it is rewarding to relieve a client’s burden and help them find the space to grieve.

If a loved one passes away and you have no idea what to do, start with a call to Wright Beamer at (248) 477-6300.

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