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The Purchase of Stigmatiz…

The Purchase of Stigmatized Homes: Let the Buyer Beware!

A client recently asked whether he must disclose to the buyer of his home the fact that the next-door neighbor is a registered sex offender. I was able to tell my client that Michigan does not require that he disclose his neighbor’s status. Rather,… Read More
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Thinking about an FSBO? W…

Thinking about an FSBO? We can help!

Residential and commercial real estate matters are a big part of what we do here at Wright Beamer: purchase and sale transactions, leases, title issues, property disputes, and so on. While I have had the privilege of representing both buyers and sell… Read More
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A New Way to Prevent Prop…

A New Way to Prevent Property Tax Uncapping

Since 1995, the amount by which Michigan real property taxes can increase each year has been capped at the lesser of five percent or the rate of inflation. This cap on property taxes comes off, however, whenever there is a “transfer of ownership.… Read More
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