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It May Be Time for a Chec…

It May Be Time for a Checkup

There’s a lot of buzz lately about federal estate tax. Currently, we can each pass down $11,580,000 to the next generation free of estate tax. This tax exemption increases annually with inflation, but it will be cut by more than half at the end of… Read More
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Maximizing Your Federal G…

Maximizing Your Federal Gift Tax Exemption

Although we don’t prepare income tax returns in our office, I am frequently asked about the tax consequences of various types of gifts. The general rule is that all gifts are taxable unless they fit into an exception. Fortunately, the exceptions ar… Read More
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Maximizing Estate Tax Exe…

Maximizing Estate Tax Exemptions for Recent Widows and Widowers

Beginning in 2011, decedents who leave their assets to their spouse can also transfer their unused estate tax exemption, commonly called “portability” under the IRS’s portability rules. The surviving spouse is eligible to receive the decedent… Read More
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Wright Beamer Founder Tea…

Wright Beamer Founder Teaches Estate Planning to Lawyers

William M. Wright – founder and of counsel attorney with Wright Beamer, PLC – recently taught a seminar at the Probate and Estate Planning Institute’s sessions in Traverse City and Plymouth. The Institute, which is sponsored by the Institute of… Read More
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Estate Tax Changes Result…

Estate Tax Changes Resulting From the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012

The federal estate tax exemption represents the amount of money which an individual can give away during his or her lifetime, or, at death, without federal estate tax liability. The exemption amount grew from $675,000 per person in 2000/2001, to $5.1… Read More
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